PIANOVEMBER Practice Challenge

Do you or your student sometimes need something to help you/ them WANT to practice?   I have something exciting to share with you.  During the month of November, the piano students in our studio will be participating in a “PIANOVEMBER practice challenge.”  But, what IS a PIANOVEMBER practice challenge?

From November 1 to November 30, students will get one point for every time they play a song (except for songs played during their lesson).  This can be a new song, an old song, a memorized song, an original song, a song played using a piano app,… any song counts!  (Students working on longer pieces can count the sections as songs… see me for details).

We will acknowledge the top five leaders in our studio each week in our Fb group, and also in a visual inside the lesson area. At the end of the month, we’ll declare a PIANOVEMBER champion!

Students will also have the option of joining the national “PIANOVEMBER Practice Challenge” sponsored by the Piano Parent Podcast.  Whether or not you are part of our Play for Ministry family, you can sign your student (ate 18 and below) up at http://www.pianoparentpodcast.com/pianovember/   The top five students each week will be acknowledged on their podcast, Fb and InstaGram. 

I guess I’m a little competitive because I looked up the stats from last year, and the entire challenge had 100 participants who racked up over 27,000 points.  Doing the math (I AM married to the math teacher, right?), that comes out to about 9 songs per day per student for the month.  Many of our students already practice several songs five times each day, so I can see us DRASTICALLY raising that average. It would be very realistic for many of us to be among the top participants, just from our regular practice time.  Add to that any extra playing the students may do…. WOW! 

YOU can get a jump start on PIANOVEMBER by getting into the habit of practicing. Make it part of your routine and it will become EASY to make the time for it. If you have a super busy day and can’t get in a full practice session, let yourself have the pleasure of playing at least one song on the piano. It will really help your brain to LEARN if you give it consistent practice.

What other ideas do you have for encouraging a student to practice?

Have you ever been part of a challenge like this one?

Want to join us?  Just leave a comment below!  


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