How to Add a 9-note Run Between 3rds

You can add a 9-note run when you have a half note followed by a note that is a third higher or a third lower. See more of our hymn improvising series here.

How to Know Which Notes are in a Major Chord

There’s a quick and easy way to find out which notes are in ANY major chord! Scroll down for the video. For more improvising tips, see our complete list here.

Playing the C, F, and G chords Easily

How to play three different chords without re-positioning your hand on the keyboard This quick video will show you how you can play the C, F, and G Major chords without having to move your hand around on the keyboard. This is a great technique, especially, for those just beginning to improvise. Want more tips? […]

Lesson 1.0

How to get the sounds you want from the piano Playing the piano is as basic as using your fingers to produce sounds on a piano keyboard!  BUT – knowing how to get the right sounds at the right time… that’s where the beauty begins.   There are four basic different types of sounds we […]