Piano Practice Tip #1

Make it a daily habit to practice, or at least to play, the piano!  

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Image by klickblick from Pixabay

The “number one” thing that a piano student can do to maximize their learning is to make it a habit to actually practice, or at least play, the piano each day.  If you or your child is taking piano lessons, you DO need to practice. Taking lessons without practicing will lead to frustration as the progress will be very slow after the first few months.  A student may see some progress for a while without consistent practice, but they will not advance very far.  Practicing the piano is vital and should become part of the daily routine for your child.  

Some students prefer to get their practicing in the morning.  Others do it as soon as they get home, and others prefer to have practicing done after dinner.  Some even split up the practice time so that it’s easier to fit it into the schedule.  There is no right or wrong time to practice…the important thing is to make it a regular thing so that it’s as automatic as brushing your teeth.

We all have “those days” where things just get crazy, and the daily routine just doesn’t happen.  If there’s a day when the student can’t get their full practice in, it is still VERY beneficial to still sit down and just play one song. Even a super short practice session helps the brain to LEARN how to play the piano.  

When practicing is part of the daily routine, it also minimizes or even eliminates the struggle some families have over getting their student to practice.  When the students know that they will have to practice at a certain time, and that they don’t have a choice about it, it’s much easier on everyone.  

And when your practice becomes a habit, it will feel almost “wrong” to skip it! Your brain will know that it’s the next thing in the routine, and iwll expect it to happen.

Routine … habitual … regular practice!  

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