Lesson 1.0

How to get the sounds you want from the piano Playing the piano is as basic as using your fingers to produce sounds on a piano keyboard!  BUT – knowing how to get the right sounds at the right time… that’s where the beauty begins.   There are four basic different types of sounds we […]

Piano Practice Tip #2

Have good form at the piano Our second tip for getting more out of your piano practice time is to be sure to have good form at the piano.  This means that you are sitting correctly and holding your hands and arms correctly. But does this really matter?  Yes, it really d sOur second tip […]

Piano Practice Tip #1

Make it a daily habit to practice, or at least to play, the piano!   The “number one” thing that a piano student can do to maximize their learning is to make it a habit to actually practice, or at least play, the piano each day.  If you or your child is taking piano lessons, […]