Welcome to Play for Ministry

Let us help you learn to play your instrument for use in God’s ministry and service. 

For more than 18 years we’ve been teaching people just like you how to play a musical instrument!  Our main focus is piano, but we can connect you with a variety of teachers for strings, brass, and even “non-traditional” instruments!

Let us help you.

You can start now with NO musical experience, OR you can build on your current musical foundation.

Either way, we can help you learn what you need to know.

Students in second grade through older adults are welcome to learn with us. Let us show you how to understand the written music, and how to embellish written music to create your own beautiful sounds.

In Studio now, and **NOW AVAILBLE** online!

In March 2020, we moved all of our live teaching to online lessons. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area and would like "in-person" lessons, please contact us to see what can be arranged. (sandi@playforministry.com)

Online lessons from any location are NOW available via Zoom, Facetime or video exchanging.

Summer group beginner classes are not available in 2020, but hopefully can resume in 2021. Our 2019 group classes were so much fun and the students learned so much!

Our Studio

A music teacher is a professional who knows how to break down the process of learning the instrument.  A teacher can tailor the learning to meet YOUR needs and to help YOU understand and grow as a musician. 

At Play for Ministry our goal is to produce musicians who are functional in a church or ministry setting.  Whether that means accompanying individuals or groups, or providing background music,  or providing “specials,”  we can help you prepare.

Why should you choose to learn with us?

So many reasons to choose from

Caring Staff

We are here to help YOU succeed. We want you to have the best experience possible learning to play!

Qualified Staff

We actually DO play for ministry!
You can find us accompanying a choir, a solo or group, playing for congregational singing, or even providing concerts for the elderly.

Variety of Options

We teach children as well as adults. And we tailor our teaching to your particular needs. Whether it's learning to improvise, or to play exactly what's written, we can help you.

"Sandi is friendly and patient, as well as creative and encouraging. She has the ability to teach students at their level of understanding and skill. She possesses the ability to challenge her students without overwhelming them. Sandi is able to maintain an atmosphere for learning while still having fun. She helps her students to master the music as well as good technique.

It has been rewarding for me to watch my daughter progress as well as to enjoy the incredible talents of her other students.

In addition to her teaching skills, her business skills are extremely professional. In addition to her talent, she is a warm and caring individual that esteems others above self. It has been an incredible pleasure and blessing to know her. I highly recommend her as a piano teacher."
Joyce H
Cleveland, OH
"Mrs. Scarfi has taught my daughter piano through the past few school years and has also given up her summers to continue helping our children. She has been a true blessing to our family and would be a wonderful asset to any child."
Shelly V.
Cleveland, OH
"Mrs. Scarfi was a very organized and thorough piano teacher, who always made sure to build on (our) daughter's strengths and work on her weak areas. She has deeply enriched many young lives with her piano teaching and I know the fruits of her teaching will be seen for many years to come as these children continue piano lessons and we see them playing at church for the Lord. Our daughter really enjoyed having Mrs. Scarfi as a piano teacher."
Teresa K
Cleveland, OH
"My daughter had never taken any piano lessons before starting with Mrs. Scarfi, but as soon as she began her love for the art of music instantly started growing. Mrs. Scarfi is an extremely experienced musician with very effective teaching methods. Her patient and encouraging teaching style gave my daughter the confidence to trust her abilities and by the end of the school year my daughter was performing mini piano recitals in the house for us every week!"
Ngozi C.
Woodbridge, VA